William Hill Review

Choosing the right online sportsbook or bookmaker for the way you like to bet is vital. This review of William Hill can help you decide if it's right for you and provides the things you need to know before you commit to signing up as a member.

Betting on sporting events online has really come of age these days with amazing advances in technology that allow punters to place bets on a huge range of games and tournaments in an incredible number of different ways. There are many top bookmakers with websites that cater to the needs of enlightened bettors who have embraced the new technology and use it for their everyday wagering habits.

A Bookmaker You Can Trust

william hill onlineHi I'm Spencer and I do a lot of online betting on a range of sports that I enjoy watching and getting involved with. I'm very critical of certain aspects of doing any kind of business over the Internet so I'm also very particular about the sites I visit and who I sign up with.

For me, trust and brand reputation are the first things I want to be sure of before I'll even entertain getting involved with a gambling website, no matter how impressive their credentials look on paper. In fact, I couldn't give a damn about what bonus deal a site is offering, or how many comp points they'll give me if I spend so much each month.

All I want to know is that a site will:

I like William Hill because they do those simple things for me and don't give me any hassle when I pick a series of nice winners just the same as they are happy to take my money when I lose.

What Else Do You Want To Know?

william hill sports betting onlineLet's get real here. What else could you possibly want to know about a sportsbook that I should spend my time writing in a review?

Do you want me to repeat all the site's terms and conditions or tell you what payment processors they allow you to use? Why would I want to waste your time reading exactly the same information as you can find on their site like all the other site reviewers out there?

All you really want to know is if this is a site you can trust, right?

If you were physically walking down the high street and saw, let's say for argument's sake four bookmakers all side by side. Three of them are names you know like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Corals and the other one is called Honest Dick's betting Shop. Which would you walk into?

My guess is you wouldn't give Honest Dick's place a second glance and would step inside one or other of the big name shops, right?

You already know that when you put a bet on in one of the big name bookies that you will get paid if you win. They all give the same odds on each race or match or whatever, so it's really just a personal choice of the name you like best.

Since this review is for William Hill, guess what? I've chosen a big name bookie to write about and you already know you can trust them to pay you when you win, so if you were looking to choose an online bookie for yourself, this might be a pretty good choice.


Because you know that you'll get paid when you win because it's exactly the same company that has all the high street bookmakers you already know and use. Is there any more to say?

How to Sign Up with William Hill Online

If you don't know how to get yourself signed up with this great British betting institution, here are some easy pointers.

  1. First click the advertisement for William Hill below
  2. Second when the official website opens in your browser, click the "join now" button
  3. Third fill in the simple registration form
  4. Fourth deposit some money into your new account (use a credit/debit card)
  5. Fifth find something to bet on and go for it!

How hard can it be? Pretty simple, actually!

william hill sports betting online

So what are you waiting for? Duh, click the ad and get started already!

Article written by: Spencer Kends