Why Use an Online Bookmaker?

The question of why you would want to use an online sportsbook may have cropped up from time to time, so here are some answers as to why you should! Sports betting is big business as you probably already know. It always has been and probably always will be.

For the entire time that people have had a need to bet on sporting events up until the early part of the 21st Century, punters have either physically had to pay a visit to a high street bookmaker to place their bets, or have set up an account with their local bookie to accept bets over the phone. Once the Internet, computing hardware and gaming software came of age and the possibility for hosting sportsbooks online became a viable reality, that all changed.

Sports Betting Online

sports betting onlineThe big bookmaker brands were quick to seize the opportunity to expand their reach into the homes of every potential new punter by creating their own online version of their high street betting shops. William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power got the trend underway which was quickly followed by newer bookies like Betfred, Betsson and the like.

Throughout the early part of this century, many new names appeared as online bookmakers. As the technology leaped ahead in terms of faster and more powerful hardware, innovative and cutting edge software and faster Internet connectivity, the industry literally exploded onto our computer screens.

The Massive Mobile Movement

Then mobile technology advanced sufficiently for the betting sites to create mobile versions of their home PC offerings. This made it possible to place bets on a smart phone whenever you want and from wherever you happened to be!

No longer did avid sports bettors have to waste time in the waiting room at the doctor's or dentist's surgery reading old magazines or looking at posters on the walls to try and keep their minds occupied. Now they could grab their phone, log in to their favourite bookie's site and put on some bets.

Waiting for a train or a bus became a vehicle for scanning through the day's racing form, or sizing up the juiciest bets. Hanging around at airports became a useful time spent checking the odds for a shortlist of the day's games.

The Benefits of Using an Online Bookmaker

You can probably already see the obvious benefits of using an online bookmaker over the more traditional ways. Let's summarise them:

These are just a few of the amazing benefits to be enjoyed when you choose to do your sports betting on the Internet rather than use a high street bookmaker.

Fleeting Loyalties?

It's not as if you're being disloyal to the bookie, either. If you previously used say a William Hill bookie in the high street, chances are you are now using the William Hill online bookie, so your loyalty remains to that brand.

In fact, that's the way it is with most bettors who now do most or all of their betting online. It's only natural to remain loyal to the brand you always use and by switching your betting to the Internet version of your favourite bookie, you don't break any ties and what's more, you enjoy that familiarity you have with the brand.

Don't think for a minute that a high street bookmaker will miss you if you stop turning up on their premises every day, especially if they know you're using their online site for your betting. The money stays with the company, you get to remain loyal and familiar with them and everybody's happy.

Betting on sporting events online is every bit as rewarding as doing it in the high street, you just get a lot more options and betting choices at your fingertips. The whole process is sleeker and more efficient while you can spread your bets in a more structured way when you have all the information before you.

It's all about being better informed and managing their money. That way, gambling remains a form of entertainment and doesn't slip into a problem as it potentially could do when using cash for wagering on things in a live situation. In fact, you can more information on this by visiting the official UK website for the Gambling Commission.

Betting online may not be for everybody. But for most bettors, it's a great way to enjoy their favourite pastime and reap the rewards of a most convenient way of doing business with the bookie you like working with the most.

Article written by: Spencer Kends