Best Online Sportsbooks for US Players Revealed

If you're a US player and searching for great online sportsbooks to place your bets safely and get the best odds, I reveal the best of the top sites in this no nonsense review.

Over the course of the last decade, we have seen a real upsurge in the number of Internet sportsbooks that you can choose from. But we also know they are not all made equal and some are definitely better than others.

So what are you looking for in a book that you'd consider the best for you? While most people have differing opinions on what constitutes the "best" in anything, there are some aspects to a sportsbook that makes it more attractive than another and some factors that are common to all bettors.

What Sportsbook Features Are You Looking For?

Let's start things off by taking the most important features of any good book that will appeal to the majority of bettors and get them down in a list so we have something to work from. Here they are:

Of course the major feature for a US bettor is the simple fact that the book accepts US players, but since this article is focused on that particular point, we can accept that's a given.

What Are the Best Sportsbook Sites?

Let's get down to the bottom line here. You want to know what I consider to be the best of the bunch, the top of the tree, the absolute ultimate in online betting sites. Well, here is my own take on what I believe are the top three selections.

Feel free to agree or disagree with my choices:

Bovada Sportsbook

This one has been top of most US bettor's selections for an online sportsbook for a long time and to be honest, it satisfies all of the above criteria in that it includes all the features you want to see in a really top rated online book. You get a huge choice of betting options on a wide variety of sports, any of which you won't find at any other online book.

You can take advantage of their easy deposit and withdrawal options and know your money is safe and that you can get it anytime you want it without hassle.


Here is another long term established brand that you can trust with your money while enjoying their great selection of betting options. This is really good for NFL fans with early football lines you won't find elsewhere and lots of them too!

It's easy to use and very secure, having that long term established brand trust factor on its side. If you want a safe place to put your money and expect easy access to your winnings whenever you want them, this is the place to choose.


Here is another really big sports betting name that has been around or a long time. For many bettors, it is that longevity of a company that appeals to their sense of security and safety and that's a good thing when you're talking about potentially a lot of money.

You get a really wide selection of sports betting options here and there is a really easy deposit and withdrawal process that makes getting at your money a simple thing when you need it.

So maybe you have some other sites in mind for this top list. Sure there are others I could have included but then the list gets pretty long. But to be honest, when you're faced with too many choices, it actually becomes harder to settle on a preferred site.

Other Top Rated Sportsbooks that Accept US Players

Want to know some of the other contenders for top sites that US players are welcome at? Sure! Take a look at these:

The list is certainly not comprehensive and there are plenty more sites out there you can take a look at and choose from for sure. But if I were to list them all, I'd be here all day writing it out and you'd be going gooley-eyed trying to read them all and digest all the information!


In the end, the final choice of preferred US bettor friendly sportsbook site must be yours. You can read all the reviews you want and you should to get a good picture of what is available and what you can make your selection from.

Everyone has an opinion and you have to remember that opinions are the cheapest commodities on the planet. You can either listen to the opinions of people who really don't know much about it but they maybe are repeating what they read about or heard about from someone else.

Or you can listen to the opinions of people who are close to the betting industry and have a lot of experience with online sports betting and can give you the benefit of their own first hand experiences. I know which opinions I'd trust!


Below are some observations and comments from people who wrote in and wanted to have their say. Please note they are other people's opinions only and not indicative of the author's own knowledge or experience.

Jason G.

Toward the end of last year, my mom made the decision that it was time she knuckled down and did something about her betting. She was not as spritely as she once was and said that she really felt her age these days, so taking trips to the local bookmaker was getting tougher. She is only a small framed woman just over five feet tall and that extra journey each day was really telling on her.

So I showed her how to surf the Internet to find some great online sportsbooks that would help her to not only save herself the daily journey but to understand how the online betting process worked so that it would be that much easier for her. I told her the reason for that is because when you understand something, it sort of clears away the mystery that would stop you from really getting to grips with it.

Betting online might seem simple and it is once you understand all the ins and outs, but far too many people didn't, just like mom. But now she is much better informed and she has made great inroads into her own strategy for using the online books she has grown to love and has so far won a lot more than she ever did when going to the brick and mortar bookmaker.

The best part of it all is that she says it has really been easy for her to get this far and will keep betting this way as well as extending her reach into many other sports she never even considered betting on before!

Brian D.

I learned a lot about using online sportsbooks from reading reviews and other articles online, so it was definitely worth it for me. I use Bovada mostly because I got used to it early on and liked it. I'm the type of guy that gets a system and gets used to it and stays with it. Its perfect for me!

Annette H.

I have an uncle who had a real problem with his gambling due to doing a desk job for most of his life and getting very bored with his job. He also spent far too much time sitting in front of the TV and watching sports when he came home from work, so he was constantly looking at stuff to bet on.

Well, as can often be said that a betting person will continue to be a betting person until they decide to change. Well my uncle suddenly made the shock announcement that he was going to change his lifestyle and stop visiting his local bookmaker!

True to his word, he started getting up earlier in the morning and started to learn how to use the Internet. At first, we thought he would stop betting altogether, but that's not exactly what he meant. The truth was he'd been talking to his buddies and they suggested he try using an online sportsbook to place his bets because it was easier and he wouldn't need to keep visiting the bookmaker.

So that evening instead of watching TV, he went online and did a lot of research. He found some good sportsbook sites that accepted US players and then found a lot of info to help him do this the right way. Each day, he was up early and surfing, eventually making it all the way round the many sites and after a few days was really up to speed. He started signing up to some of these sites and depositing money in various accounts.

In the evenings after work, he would go for long periods glued to his lapotop. Well, six months on, he has discovered a whole new betting strategy that sees him up a lot of the time and being much more careful with his money management. It just shows what is possible when the motivation is there and the decision is made to bet more sensibly by the person who wants to do it.

George F.

When my workmates all got together and had a betting contest where they all had their online sportsbook accounts the same starting amount, then made a series of sports bets for a week. At the end of the week, each account was checked and then they could see who had made the most money, it seemed like a great idea.

The only problem was that not all of the guys were so good at picking winning bets! One or two of the guys were actually a few bucks up or down, while others were wildly down or up. I wondered if it wasn't really fair to expect them to lose too much money, but they all agreed it was more fun than just betting alone.

As a compromise, we all decided that those who were over would do a little coaching to the ones that were most down, while the rest of us who didn't really lose or win very mich could help out by doing all the administration and charts. Out of an office of twenty people, there were two who were down more than five hundred bucks, four including myself who were just right, ten who were a little up and four who were up more than two hundred bucks, so it was still a pretty big thing.

Those of us doing the admin got online and found some great betting tips at some of the online sportsbooks and review sites that we used to help the others out and then we all got together to plan out a strategy for our next contest. The next one went really well and everyone only either lost or won a few bucks apart from a few that made a lot more than the others. But in the end we had a great time and lightened the load for most of our colleagues too!

Walt R.

For me, Bovada is a real great online sportsbook I've been using for over four years. In all that time I have never had a problem and always withdrew cash whenever I felt like it with no problems. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to bet on a wide spread because there's a ton of different sports covered in there.

Article written by: Spencer Kends