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The topic of sports betting is a huge one that encompasses a great deal of information to take in. To help you get a better understanding of it all, I've broken it down into smaller articles you can read at your leisure and learn about the aspects of it that interest you.

But first of all, let's take an overview of what sports' betting is all about. We'll be looking at what makes it so appealing and why there is a gargantuan gambling industry grown up around sports that is outstripping just about all other industries in the world today.

The Attraction of Sports Betting

Make no mistake, there is a huge appeal to betting on sporting events that makes the practise so appealing to people from around the globe. It seems people simply cannot get enough of it.

It doesn't even matter to many punters whether the practise is legal or not in their country. It goes on and it does so in a big way, much bigger than most authorities are probably even aware of.

To keep the customers satisfied, there are bookmakers to take their bets, keep their losses and pay out their winnings in just about every high street and in every city, town or village. If that isn't enough, we now have a huge selection of online bookmakers or sportsbooks to take even more bets from even more people from more places in the world.

The attraction is pretty simple: That is the concept of being able to easily increase the amount of money you have in your pocket by using it to place a bet on a sporting event. Of course, we all know that it is easier to lose that money than it is to win it, but that doesn't stop anyone from trying!

As if it weren't enough to experience the thrill of not knowing whether you'll win or lose, there are many systems created to tip the odds a little further in favor of the punter. So-called sports investment programs like Sports Cash System and Z Cose System use a range of up to the minute statistics, computer number crunching and human intuition to provide a daily list of highly potential winning bets.

The appeal of the slimmest chance that a single unit of currency can be transformed into several or many units of the same currency in a very short space of time and with virtually no effort of work is incredibly alluring. It far outweighs the potential risk in losing the money to such an extent that millions of people gamble regularly and view it as a pastime rather than a risk.

The Psychology Behind Gambling

There is a definite psychological reason why people gamble and not just on sporting events. The whole concept of that getting something for nothing seems to be deeply ingrained in our psyche and almost definitely has its roots in our ancestral behaviour.

When our forebears were hunter gatherers, they risked their lives daily in hunting wild animals in conditions that were not conducive to an easy life. While they stalked their prey, would also be placing themselves in line for being stalked by other predators that viewed them as an easy meal!

It was that level of risk that people were prepared to take in order to survive that has bubbled down through the millennia to the present day person. We no longer have to fear being eaten by a large predator while walking down the street, but we do retain that instinct for risk taking.

We apply the instinct in a novel way. Because money has become in a sense a life or death commodity, in that if you have lots of it you can live a comfortable life whereas without it your life can be miserable and hard, the instinct is to get as much of it as we can.

While working for that money is the accepted norm, the lure of gambling gives us another option to increasing our wealth. Even though the risk is great ad the chance of losing our money is much higher than the chance of winning more of it, we are still prepared to take that risk just as our ancestors were prepared to risk their lives for the chance of a decent meal!

So there you have the reason back of the act of gambling and why it is so difficult to stop people doing something that is after all, instinctive!

Why the Sports Betting Industry Is

When you consider how easy it is to induce a person to part with their money for the chance of increasing it many times over very easily, it is no wonder that the gambling industry has grown up around one of the most popular pastimes, which is sport. The vast number of different sporting events that occur every single day around the world provides gamblers with the perfect vehicle for placing a bet on one competitor or the other to win their event.

The simplest form of gambling would be a mutual verbal contract between two people who are adamant their "team" or "favourite sportsperson" was going to win their next contest. Each person will place money on their side and the winner will take the combined amount of money staked.

Because most people want a greater return on their money than just 50/50, bookmakers have evolved to take smaller bets and promise to turn them into larger winnings if certain entities win certain events. Take a horse race as a prime example.

A bettor can place a dollar on a horse and be in line to win that dollar back plus a small amount of profit should he decide to bet on a top rated horse with short odds. Or he can take a greater risk to win several dollars by placing his dollar on a horse with longer odds.

More people lose their money by doing this than win, but it doesn't stop anyone trying to beat the bookie and rake in a big win. Of course it is perceived as being much easier to increase your money by winning it on a horse or any other sporting event for that matter than it is by working for it.

And that is the attraction of sports betting and why the industry is so huge. They simply give the customer what the customer wants, which is a vehicle for placing their bets and receiving their winnings.

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Article written by: Spencer Kends